How to Find the Perfect Hotel for Your Vacation

When in vacation, one must pay attention to what hotel they choose. Choosing the wrong hotel can destroy what would have otherwise been a magical vacation. For instance, what good would it do to visit the romantic splendors of Paris by day, taking in the sights from the top of the Eiffel Tower, only to be kept awake at night by the sounds of construction? What good would it do to see the wonders that Rome has to offer, only to have your nights ruined by the paper-thin walls in your suite letting you hear each and every word of the argument next door?


A ski trip in Aspen sounds like a great time, but no so much if the room you stay in ends up not having any heat! The bottom line is – if the two of you are going to be kept up all night on your vacation, you want to be the ones responsible for it, not a drafty room. So, before you set out on what would otherwise be a perfect vacation, make sure that you’ve got the hotel situation covered.


Many guys just make the assumption that what women really want is a 5 star experience, and so they just jump on the most expensive hotel option they can find, thinking that nothing can possibly go wrong. This is somewhat understandable – you DO want to treat your woman to a luxurious experience rather than a 1 star hole in the wall. However, star ratings aren’t everything.


For instance, what might have been a 5 star hotel last month is now a 1 star experience. Why? Well, that 5 star hotel might very well have made enough money to add on a new wing. Construction is loud and dusty, and often goes on late into the night. Imagine if your view of the Mediterranean were obscured by the likes of chain link fence, dust clouds, and bulldozers. Hardly the romantic experience you were hoping for, right?


Moreover, many of the finest hotels to be found in “old world” locations like Italy or Rome might well be hundreds of years old. These hotels certainly have a lot of charm and beauty, but they were also constructed to the building standards of hundreds of years ago. This means that you might very well be missing out on modern amenities that you’ve grown accustomed to, like air conditioning, or thick, noise-insulating walls. Believe me, there are at least a hundred other good reasons you should be working up a sweat in your vacation hotel room besides the lack of an air conditioner, so don’t let it come down to this.


The point is, you really have to do your research when you’re choosing a hotel. Don’t just listen to rave reviews, but ask your own questions such as whether or not they have a room facing the sea, or if there’s any construction going on presently. After all, just because the hotel was perfect for a hundred other people doesn’t mean it will be perfect for the two of you. You’re unique people, and you need to ask your own unique questions to get the most out of the experience.